Why Your Furnace Filter Matters

The time is here! While you’re getting your furnace ready for another winter season, most of your focus will most likely be on the equipment itself and on its functional components. However, there is another important piece of your furnace that will require some attention: the air filter. While many believe that the furnace filter has little impact on furnace operation and indoor comfort, Advantage Air LLC is here to let you know that your filter plays a huge role in keeping your space comfortable.

Energy Efficiency

When your system has a clean filter, it can transfer the heat from the heat exchanger inside the furnace more effectively. This efficient transfer reduces the amount of time your heating system has to run to keep the temperature comfortable, conserving energy.

System Durability

A furnace always lasts longer when it remains dust-free. If there is a build up of dust inside the blower compartment, it can affect the heat exchanger, blower motor, and all other electronic components. This debris keeps the parts warmer than they were created to be, causing them to wear out faster.

Maintenance Costs

A clogged air filter can also lead to costly maintenance. A broken blower or ductwork that is filled with harmful dirt and debris can be avoided with routine air filter replacement. Regular filter replacement allows you to spend your money elsewhere, rather than replacing and repairing parts of your heating and cooling system.

At Advantage Air LLC, we continue to work hard so we can provide the most efficient solutions for your HVAC system. That is why we stress the importance of regularly replacing furnace filters to all of our customers. If you want to know more about which filter is best for you, or all of the services that we provide, give us a call today!