Energy Efficiency Tips from Advantage Air

At Advantage Air LLC we are always looking for energy and cost saving initiatives for our clients. With our downloadable energy efficiency tips, we provide you with information on how you can perform your own home energy efficiency audit.

For your cooling system, there are many steps you can take to make your unit more efficient. One of the most important is to make sure that all exterior doors remain closed when the air conditioner is running. Doing this ensures that all of the cool air being produced by your air conditioning unit is remaining in your home. Another way to assist with energy saving is to use injected foam insulation to insulate your walls allowing you to save energy by keeping the hot outside air from coming through the walls into your home. It is our goal to ensure that your house stays cool and comfortable during the warmer months, especially with the unpredictable St. Louis weather.

Your heating system is crucial during the winter, and there are plenty of ways to make sure that it is running efficiently during those cold months. If you have a heat pump system, avoid quickly raising the temperature in your home. Doing this activates the heat strip, which uses up a lot of energy. Also, be sure to set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature to you and your family. You can save money on your energy cost for each degree that your thermostat is lowered. Everyone dreads the increase in their heating bill during the winter time, but there are ways to assist in reducing that. By putting some of our energy efficiency tips into action you will save not only energy, but money as well.

Our customers are the number one priority here at Advantage Air LLC. We create an energy efficient home design for all of our clients which will ensure that their systems will be running in the most efficient way possible. For our full checklist of energy and money saving tips, download from the link above and learn how you can perform your own home energy efficiency audit.