ACMaintenanceAt Advantage Air LLC we provide many different choices in order for you to have the best maintenance for your air conditioning equipment. Maintenance on your central air conditioning unit is extremely important to the life of your system, the efficiency, and it also decreases the chance of any breakdowns. By cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner on an annual basis, there will be less of a chance for repairs in the future.

Regular Maintenance Appointments

Advantage Air can help you prevent issues and keep your air conditioning equipment running efficiently. Normal use, wear and tear, and the outside elements all take their toll on your units which can decrease its efficiency and even its lifespan. Our trained and certified technicians can remove built up dust, debris, check for faulty parts, check refrigerant levels, and fix any issues that do arise.

Air Conditioner Tune Ups

Having your central air conditioning unit checked before the cooling seasons and getting an AC tune up can help ensure that it keeps you comfortable all year long and most of all works when you need it to. Extremely high temperatures and humidity is a usual thing in Missouri during the summer, making your air conditioner not just preferred, but necessary. Without it your home would become just as hot and uncomfortable, and potentially harmful as the outside weather. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that your AC does not have any damaged parts or wiring issues that could cause it to malfunction.

Advantage Air 21 Point AC Inspection

Don’t have your air conditioner fail when you need it the most. Our full precision service clean and checks consist of our Advantage Air known Complete 21 Point Inspection to give your system the appropriate diagnostic review it deserves.

Additional Benefits of the Maintenance Program

Some other benefits of being a part of our Maintenance Program is that you’ll receive discounts off repairs, parts, changing of your air filters, and priority service, just to name a few. Using Advantage Air LLC for your Maintenance you can expect to “take advantage of our expertise” and trust in our technicians to become familiar with your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment. Give us a call today at to find out more about the benefits of our HVAC Maintenance Programs.