Fenton, MO Furnace Repair

Fenton was founded by William Lindsay Long on March 23, 1818. The city’s first mayor, Garrett Hitzert, played a big part in building the foundation that the city’s ongoing growth has come from. He started Fenton’s commercial business district that is now a large part of the city’s success. Advantage Air has been one of the top Fenton, MO furnace repair and Fenton, MO HVAC companies since 1999 because we are located in Fenton and are a proud, local business. Our motto is “Take Advantage of Our Expertise” because we can guarantee when you call Advantage Air, you are calling the top HVAC experts in St. Louis.

Fenton, MO Air Conditioner Repair Experts

No matter if it’s your furnace or air conditioning system; it is our personal guarantee that our customers receive the best products and HVAC service no matter what. Whether your Fenton, MO home or business needs furnace repair, boiler maintenance, or air conditioning repairs, you are the top priority to our technicians and they will come directly to you in a timely manner. All technicians are licensed professionals and there to assist you in making your units more efficient by answering any questions and concerns you may have about your current equipment, replacements, or repairs. Our employees are professional workers with friendly attitudes who are trained to provide you with the best customer service in the St. Louis area.

Fenton, MO Furnace Repair and Maintenance Plans

Advantage Air LLC can help you find the most fitting heating and cooling unit for your Fenton, MO home or business. We are considered the best Fenton, MO air conditioner repair and Fenton, MO furnace repair company because we understand that your heating and cooling is a serious matter and is not something we take lightly. This is why we supply only the best service to all of our customers. We can offer many different options of HVAC system components depending on what exactly you are looking for. The differences between different kinds of heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, and air filtration systems are all explained and shown to you. That way, you are more educated on our products and are able to decide what is appropriate for your Fenton, MO home or business.

Be Proactive with Our Furnace Maintenance Program

Units could last 15-20 years with having preventative service and maintenance. Ensuring that your furnace or air conditioner has a long life span means that regardless of the unpredictable Fenton, MO weather, Advantage Air will be able to provide you with comfort for years. Whether it’s now or in the future, you will most likely need to repair your furnace or air conditioner. Although some consumers will say they have never had a problem with their units, routine maintenance should be a regular thing to avoid it breaking down when you need it most.

Our winter furnace maintenance program includes:

  • Inspect and clean blower assembly, which includes blower housing, blower wheel and motor
  • On older models, we will lubricate motor and inspect and replace fan belt if needed
  • Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris and clean
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines
  • Inspect for gas leaks in gas furnaces
  • Inspect burner assembly
  • Inspect ignition system and safety controls
  • Inspect heat exchange or heating elements
  • Inspect flue system – check for proper attachment to the furnace, any dislocated sections, and for signs of corrosion.
  • Inspect control box, associated controls, wiring and connections
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • …And more!

At Advantage Air LLC, the customer is always our top priority. Let us show you why we are the best Fenton, MO air conditioner repair and Fenton, MO furnace repair company in the St. Louis area! Give us a call today at 636-230-5572 to schedule your appointment!