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Nothing can ruin a good day faster than your home’s climate control going out. Whether it’s winter and your heater fails, or July and the AC is on the fritz, if you’re not comfortable in your own home you’re not going to have a great time. When your home needs servicing quickly it is important to find quality heating and cooling repair which is quick and effective so you can be back to normal as soon as possible. Maintaining your levels of home comfort is vital, so if you’ve been dealing with sub optimal temperatures, quit delaying – call a professional to inquire about heating and cooling repair in Ballwin, Missouri.


Signs Your Heater Needs to Be Repaired


With heating units it is important to repair small problems before they become big ones. Left unchecked they can devolve into total failure and the risk of frozen pipes, which can cause massive damage. If you notice any of the below, contact a repair service:

  • It has been over a year since your last service call. Regular maintenance is an essential part of keeping your heating and cooling system functioning.

  • Your heater is making strange noises, such as clanks or bumps.

  • Heat is inconsistent in your home. If you are dealing with hot and cold spots when before you had evenly distributed heat, your heater may need HVAC service.

  • Your energy bill is going up when your usage is not. If you have been maintaining similar heating targets but your bill is seeing changes which can’t be explained by the changing of the season, it’s time to consider making some service calls to get an expert HVAC assessment. It is likely your heater is not working optimally, forcing it to burn more to get the same results.

  • Weak air flow from the vents is a sign of problems in both heating and cooling repair.

  • A yellow flame should be addressed immediately. Heaters should have a  blue flame, and yellow may be a sign of a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

  • Heating units giving off a strange unit may be damaged or emitting dangerous gases damaging your indoor air quality.

Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs to Be Repaired


Summer in the greater St. Louis, MO, area can get quite hot. When your air conditioning goes out and a heat wave hits, it’s a recipe for a miserable afternoon. Getting a professional technician out to repair your air conditioning as soon as possible is needed. When possible, try to get your unit repaired before it fails by watching for these warning signs.

  • Your home isn’t getting cold enough. Although the most obvious reason, it is also one commonly overlooked at first, with many owners choosing to simply increase the power of the unit.

  • Your air conditioning unit is leaking. Puddles underneath the unit are signs that all is not well inside it.

  • Ice is building up on the exterior of the unit. This likely means there is a leak of refrigerant and needs to be repaired.

  • While no unit will operate completely noiselessly, if your air conditioner is creating loud noises, both as a constant whir or occasional clanging, consult an expert in heating and cooling repair to check it out.

  • Your home is too humid. When working properly an air conditioner doesn’t just create cold air, but also removes moisture from the air. If your home is staying overly humid there is likely something wrong with your air conditioner.

  • Minimal air flow from your vents. This is a sign that the air conditioner is not functioning at full power.

  • The unit is giving off a poor odor. This can be a sign of many different problems, depending on the smell being given off. Musty odor is signs of possible mold and internal leaking, while a burning smell likely means the wiring in the unit is failing.

  • Spiking energy bills which don’t align with changes in the weather. If it has only gotten mildly warmer, or even is cooling, and yet your bill continues to shoot up, it’s likely your unit is overcompensating to cover for damage which is hurting efficiency.


Heating and Cooling Repair You Can Count On


When hiring a heating and cooling repair professional it’s important to know that you are receiving high quality service. Hiring a cut rate technician who delivers sub par work only leads to higher long term spending as more repairs are needed when the improperly handled repairs fail again. At Advantage Air LLC we strive to hire only the best service technicians who deliver highest quality service every time. If you have need for heating and cooling repair in Ballwin, Missouri there is no better option. Call us today to find out more and schedule your service or repair today so you can go back to living in comfort.