Furnace Repair Ballwin MO

Experience Matters When It Comes to Furnace Repair 

A gas furnace can be a dangerous mixture of electrical wiring, gas, and ductwork that can be tricky to repair. Even the most capable homeowner can learn a thing or two about furnace repair. Whether you are performing routine maintenance or emergency service, an experienced professional can be the difference between a warm, comfortable house and a dangerously damage system. Take a look at some of the top reasons why it pays to hire an experienced professional for furnace repair, and find out what a professional from Ballwin, MO, can do for you.

Professional Problem-Solving

Is a furnace supposed to make that sound? As a homeowner, you may not always understand the warning signs of a malfunctioning furnace or a furnace in need of regular maintenance. It can be difficult to identify a problem before it is too late. It takes expert senses to problem-solve some of the common issues with furnaces, like:

  • Old or clogged filter

Many homeowners forget to change a filter, or assume a filter will always last the advertised three months. Depending on the air quality, dust, pet hair, and other factors in your home, a furnace filter may need to be changed more frequently. While you should be able to change a filter on your own, professionals can easily identify whether the problem is with your filter or blower, and follow the correct steps to correct the issue.

  • No hot air from the furnace

If your blower is not pushing hot air through your home, there are several systems a professional can check to correct the problem. Whether it’s a bad circuit breaker, a damaged gas line, or an issue with the ductwork through the HVAC system, a furnace technician will be able to check each system safely and effectively.

  • Dirty blower

Did you know you should oil your blower every year? This is another maintenance step commonly missed by most homeowners. The process involves turning off your circuit breaker, locating the blower’s motor and oiling all the moving parts. Missing an area can reduce the lifespan of your blower, so it’s another step that could benefit from an experienced technician.

  • Incorrect size of furnace and ductwork

If your furnace continues to cycle, or turn on and off frequently, or doesn’t seem to keep your entire house warm, it could be a sign that your furnace or ductwork isn’t the right size for your home. Evaluating your ductwork involves formulas that take into account the square footage, insulation, and air movement. If you feel there’s an issue with the overall effectiveness of your furnace and ductwork, an experienced technician can easily evaluate your HVAC system and suggest steps you can take.

  • Wiring issues

Faulty or damaged wiring could not only cause your furnace to stop working, but it can lead to a higher risk of fire. If your furnace isn’t turning on, you probably have an electrical issue. You may just need to flip the circuit breaker, or it could be a more complicated wiring problem. A furnace technician can follow your wiring and troubleshoot to find the precise area of faulty wiring.

  • Odd odor near the furnace

Inspect both your furnace and gas lines frequently, particularly when first starting up your furnace for the winter. A leaking gas line can be very dangerous, so it’s important to catch it and repair it quickly. Because it’s part of the HVAC system, a furnace technician will be able to help you find the source of the leak and easily repair a leaking gas line. Whether the problem is in the furnace body or the line, it’s one of the most important issues to fix immediately and professionally.

Air Conditioning Repair

Furnace repair and air conditioning repair both deal with many of the same systems, particularly if you have a central air unit. Any issue with a furnace blower or ductwork will not only affect your heating, but also your air conditioning. If you experience any problems of these problems with your air conditioning, it may be attributed to these same HVAC systems. If that’s

This illustration depicts a natural gas furnace and water heater.

the case, consider hiring a furnace expert to assess the damage. Some common air conditioning issues include:

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on

While it could be an issue with the central air unit itself, this problem could also be caused by a faulty thermostat or blower. A technician can easily check each system and repair any wiring or mechanical issues.

  • Air isn’t cold, or doesn’t blow very strong

These issues are typically caused by the furnace filter. Your central air unit uses the same blower, vents, and cold air returns as your furnace, so you need to continue to regularly check and replace your furnace filter during the summer. If your filter is clogged, you won’t have proper air flow. This could not only affect your energy bill, but also damage your blower and air conditioner.

Fast, Friendly, and Efficient

There are many professionals to turn to in the event of a furnace emergency. Some of these issues and maintenance problems can be fixed on your own, but others can be dangerous if not fixed immediately and professionally. When you are looking for a professional for furnace repair, choose a furnace technician that provides fast, friendly, and efficient service. Whether you are dealing with emergency service or routine maintenance, it pays to fix the problem promptly. A furnace technician can also diagnose any problems with your maintenance routine, and show you some simple steps to keep your furnace and air conditioner running efficiently and effectively.

Fix the Problem Early 

When it comes to furnace repair, it pays to start early. Many matainance issues don’t seem necessary until you need emergency service. Proper routine maintenance and furnace repair can give you a variety of benefits, like:

  1. Saving you time and money

  2. Comfortable heating and air conditioning

  3. Fewer emergency service calls

  4. Peace of mind with overall indoor comfort

Don’t wait until your furnace is broken. A few maintenance steps can go a long way. If you need furnace repair service in the Ballwin area, or want expert advice on your maintenance routine, consider contacting a professional furnace technician today.

Top 7 Reasons To Get Professional Furnace Repair

If you’re like most people, you might think that routine maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems isn’t necessary. In fact, having a professional look over your machines can enhance their lifespan and make them function smoothly. If you’re not technically inclined, educate yourself on the importance of recruiting service technicians by checking out these seven reasons to get furnace repair in Ballwin, Mo.

1. Solve Common Problems Quickly

There’s no need to struggle needlessly with your furnace. Many breakdowns have solutions that can be quickly rectified by a professional furnace technician. The following is a list of problems and how a technician might solve them:

  • Furnace not producing heat – resetting the circuit breaker might make your furnace work like new
  • Furnace not producing enough heat – a clogged filter might need to be replaced
  • Rapid cycling – a new blower motor or belt can stop your machine from repeatedly turning on and off
  • Furnace not blowing air – your blower might need to be cleaned or replaced

Of course, only an expert can accurately diagnose a problem. Sometimes, your system might not be experiencing any symptoms but need furnace repair.  Whatever the situation he or she can get to work immediately, saving you the hassle of struggling with tools and complicated tutorials.

2. Saves You Money 

Scheduling yearly furnace maintenance is often less expensive than dealing with an emergency. In addition, a quick check-up can do wonders to keep your system functioning far longer than recruiting technicians for emergency service only. In the long run, it’s an effective way to budget your resources and save money.

Scheduling an appointment for furnace repair at the same time every year can help keep you on track. Even a simple thing like dust can impact your system, so having someone look it over before winter weather can keep your living or work space cozier while lowering your utility bill. The smoother the operation of your system, the less energy it needs; with the costs of heating and cooling constantly on the rise, it’s a small step to take to live in comfort.

3. Keeps You Safe

Furnace repair doesn’t just keep your space warm. A quality furnace should be free of safety risks and circulate heated air

with little possibility of starting a fire. Common fire risks include:

  • Storing flammable substances near your system
  • No compliance with safety codes (common in older units)
  • Malfunctioning parts
  • Insufficient combustion air around furnace, which causes harmful gases to build up

Going through a fire can be a devastating experience. It can result in loss of possessions and critical health injuries. A furnace repair appointment can educate you about preventative measures to avoid this situation and keep you and your loved ones safe.

4. Keeps You Healthy 

Apart from affecting the heating of your home, furnace problems can also impact your health. A poor system expels gas into the air; in time, the build-up can cause a range of negative symptoms, such as:

  • Body pains
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Nausea
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Convulsions
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Unconsciousness
  • Death

Efficient furnace repair service is a great way to ensure your system is not taking active measures to harm you. It only takes a few minutes to spot a malfunction and it can have big payoffs.

5. You Can Upgrade Your Home 

Some furnaces have seen better days after decades of use. Regular furnace repair appointments are an opportunity to discover the latest home technology and if you’re ready to make a switch. A new gas furnace model, for example, might dramatically lower your electrical bill for a small investment price. Or, you might prefer an oil furnace which needs less fuel than your current setup.

Only an expert can explain all your options and how they might benefit your space.  Some common perks include increasing the value of your home and easy maintenance expectations. The best companies in St. Louis, Mo strive to install units quickly in order to cause little disturbance to your building. It’s never too late to get top-of-the-line indoor comfort for those brutal winter days.

6. Kill Two Birds With One Stone

A furnace is rarely used year-round. Eventually, the grass turns greens and temperatures rise. For professionals this means that furnace repair is put on the back burner in favor of cooling services.

There’s no reason why home and business owners shouldn’t service their entire hvac system. Routine furnace repair should be a reminder that air conditioners need just as much care to function properly. Scheduling an appointment has many of the same benefits:

  • Prevents technical breakdowns
  • Increases the lifespan of your unit
  • Lowers utility bills
  • Saves money on emergency replacement costs

There’s nothing worse than being stranded in a building with no cooling in the middle of summer. Avoid this common scenario by recruiting a professional from a trusted company for maintenance and repair services at least once a year.

7. Add Accessories To Your Unit

Surprisingly, a new unit or part replacement is not always the most cost-effective solution. To better integrate a furnace into a building, a variety of accessories may be used. Professionals may construct a custom duct from sheet metal or install a carbon monoxide detector, for instance. Which accessories you choose depends on your unit’s performance expectations and your personal preferences.

Furnace repair may get complicated, but the best companies always strive to inform you about the different routes you can take to keep your unit in top condition. Usually there is no “one size fits all” solution, but a five-star service professional should have a wealth of industry knowledge to come up with a custom plan perfect for your needs.

In addition, pros often have knowledge of the best parts and tools in the industry. They can complete furnace repair tasks and install accessories with confidence and ease. You won’t have to shop around for parts that are not guaranteed to benefit your unit to the utmost.

Don’t Hesitate To Get Started

Hopefully, these seven reasons remind you of the importance of getting air conditioning and furnace repair in Ballwin. Don’t wait to call a knowledgeable company that can get your system running like new, no matter the issue.