Importance of Checking Your Furnace

Importance of Checking your Furnace

You may be asking yourself, is it really THAT important to have my furnace checked out? The answer is yes! This cold weather we are experiencing in St. Louis means that your system is going to be in overdrive this season, and Advantage Air LLC is here to tell you why having routine maintenance performed […]


Why Your Air Ducts Need Your Attention ASAP

If you are tired of dealing with allergies and other air contaminants and looking to improve the quality of air in your home or business, air duct cleaning by Advantage Air LLC could be exactly what you are looking for! With your HVAC system in overdrive during the cold weather this season, it is consistently […]

Why Your Furnace Filter Matters

The time is here! While you’re getting your furnace ready for another winter season, most of your focus will most likely be on the equipment itself and on its functional components. However, there is another important piece of your furnace that will require some attention: the air filter. While many believe that the furnace filter has […]